Innovative SaaS solution for the opioid crisis

Lifeguard Digital Health Inc. is taking on the opioid crisis globally with its innovative SaaS solution

Vancouver, British Columbia — Lifeguard Digital Health is proud to announce that two members of the team, Dr. Chandana Unnithan and Mr. Jack Campbell, were delegates in the United Nations forums and have presented our digital health harm reduction solution. Founder and CEO of Lifeguard Digital Health, Jeff Hardy, said, “I’m so proud that members of the Lifeguard team had the opportunity to showcase our life-saving digital solution for addressing a global crisis, to so many countries within the United Nations Forums”.The solution was first presented in February 2020 to the UN, during the 57thSession of UN COPUOS STSC to 100+ member countries in Vienna, by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Chandana Unnithan –a renowned digital health scientist and long-standing member of the UN expert group (WG-Space and Global Health), from Australia. Subsequently, as the solution evolved to integrate novel technologies, it was presented inexpert group sessions held in 2021, the 59th session in February 2022 and the 60th session in February 2023.

Dr. Unnithan commented, “Lifeguard’s initiative was well received in the expert forums of UN and delegates of member countries. For the post-pandemic era, the solution is a front-runner with its privacy preserved, AI-powered, peer-to-peer capabilities that have proven to save lives and continues to enable mental health and well-being.

Lifeguard Digital HealthInc.first caught the eye of world leaders in 2019, when the CEO, Jeff Hardy, was invited to present the Lifeguard App(our Saas Solution)to the US President’s Task Force. In May 2020, during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, in partnership with Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) in British Columbia, the Lifeguard app was launched in the province of BC, Canada. In 2021, it was launched in Northwest Ontario, Canada and in 2022, fortified with enhanced AI capabilities, it transformed into the LifeguardConnectTM. It has proven to be a powerful tool to combat the opioid crisis and help keep those at-risk connected, supported, and safe. As of March 2023, the solution has already saved 65 lives, and the number continues to grow weekly.

Jack Campbell, Lifeguard’s youngest employee was selected to represent Canada in the Youth Forum at the 65th session of the commission on Narcotic Drugs (under the auspices of UNODC), in March 2022, in Vienna. “I was honored to represent the Youth Forum for Canada. The Lifeguard app had high acceptance and trust amongst the youth –which is crucial in mitigating the opioid crisis,” Campbell said.

As the harm reduction tool expands across Canada, partnering with provincial health authorities, First Nations, Métis, Construction Industry Workers, and other vertical segments, the firm also received support via Health Canada-Substance Use Abuse Program (SUAP) through collaborative partners, and via the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program(NRC IRAP). An increasing number of people are tapping into the App’sdirect access to life-saving emergency services, counselling and support that are connected seamlessly through the app based on the user’s location.

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