A Life-Saving Solution

LifeguardLite™ is a low-cost drug overdose prevention device designed in collaboration with SRO (Single Room Occupancy) and social housing residents.

LifeguardLite™ acts as a virtual buddy system

When placed in social housing environments (including Single Room Occupancy buildings (SROs), public restrooms, safe injection sites), LifeguardLite™ protects individuals who use drugs alone by alerting a customised admin dashboard in case of an emergency.

LTE Technology

Connects independently from any property network without the need for Wi-Fi or smart phones.

Manufactured for Accessibility

Resulting in lower cost-related barriers

Durable Construction

Built to withstand consistent wear and tear

Over two years of overdose prevention testing and feedback has resulted in this life-saving tool that includes additional health and safety features for people living in social housing environments.

Simple User Interface

Removal of any unnecessary details in order to avoid confusion

Smoke Alarm

Notifies all other devices in the building and the administration desk when a smoke detector goes off

Overdose Prevention Buttons

Visible and easy to use buttons that notify the admin dashboard and /or emergency services (optional).

Temperature Monitoring

Reports high ambient room temperature to the administration desk