A Life-Saving Solution

LifeguardLite™ is a low-cost drug emergency response device designed in collaboration with SRAs (Single Room Accommodation) and supportive housing residents.

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LifeguardLite™ Safety Sensor

For every order placed, we will be gifting a free safety sensor, including professional installation and coverage of electrical costs. This ensures a seamless and secure setup for peace of mind.
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LifeguardLite™ acts as a virtual buddy system

When installed in supportive housing environments (SRAs), public restrooms, or safe injection sites, LifeguardLite™ protects individuals who use drugs alone by alerting a Central Control Panel in case of an emergency.

LTE Technology

Connects independently from any property network without the need for Wi-Fi or smart phones.

Direct Connection To 911

Connects Directly to EMS

Drug Alerts

Receive real-time drug alerts on the Central Control Panel


Over three years of overdose prevention testing and feedback has resulted in this life-saving tool that includes additional health and safety features for people living in supportive housing environments.

Smoke Detection Sensor

LifeguardLite™ alerts all devices and the Central Control Panel when the smoke detector activates.

Evacuation Alarm

Can instantly send evacuation alerts to all LifeguardLite™ devices

Temperature Alerts

Alerts unusual room temperatures to the Central Control Panel

Simple Use Alone Timer

In the event of a suspected emergency, the device triggers an alert to the front desk admin staff.

LifeguardLite™ Safety Sensor

The LifeguardLite™ Safety Sensor integrates directly into the Central Control Panel and detects lack of motion and other health issues, and automatically alerts staff and/or emergency health services.

Installation and Training

On site Installation (including electrical) Training for all staff & residents

Customized Alerts

Deliver critical updates instantly to any device, via SMS, Voice Call, Email, & Central Control Panel


Contactless Safety Sensor sending automatic alerts to our Central Control Panel

Reduced False Alarms

Multi Sensor approach to reduce false alarms

What is LifeguardLite™?

Our low-cost drug overdose prevention device designed in collaboration with SRO (Single Room Occupancy) and social housing residents.