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Lifeguard App expands upon its lifesaving functionalities to automatically contact emergency responders if a user becomes unconscious or unable to function in the event of an overdose. The app can now connect users with nearby health and wellness related services and is available in multiple languages. Developed on the evan Platform, these enhancements continue to arm both emergency responders and users with information and resources that are critical to the success of emergency intervention. Download Lifeguard App today on iOS or Android.

Benefits of the evan Platform include:

Comprehensive Data Security

Canada & US Regulatory-Compliant

Two-Way Communication

Geo-Targeted Notifications

Urban Density Response

Remote/Rural Response

All-New in Lifeguard App v3

Services Near Me

Lifeguard App V3 enables users to easily access a diverse network of decisive services to mitigate the risk of an accidental overdoses. The app helps locate and connect users with wellness services such as drug testing facilities, detox services, naloxone kits, needle exchanges, supervised injection sites, and more. It also connects users with resources aimed at counteracting mental health challenges, including crisis stabilization, intensive case management, rapid access addiction, residential recovery programs, and residential treatment programs.
Safe Injection Sites on Services Near Me

Support Systems

Designed to Help Keep Users Safe

Lifeguard App v3

CPR Guide

The latest version includes a step-by-step guide on how to administer CPR if someone you are with becomes unresponsive or stops breathing.

Lifeguard App v3

Naloxone Guide

Proven to save the lives of those experiencing an opioid overdose, we’ve included an easy to follow guide on how to properly administer Naloxone.

Lifeguard App v3

How-To Guide

In moments where every second counts, we want to make sure that people are able to use Lifeguard App as quickly and easily as possible.

Lifeguard App v3

Crisis Line

Lifeguard App v3 is able to directly-dial your local Crisis line in times of need – both from the main menu, as well as the active timer screen.

Lifeguard App v3

811 Nurses Line

The latest version of Lifeguard App lets users connect with their local nurses line, to help them answer any of their health-related questions.

Lifeguard App v3

Suicide Prevention

We believe that the desire to live is the most powerful human instinct. Users can connect with their local suicide prevention line in times of need.

Lifeguard App Timer Extension

Lifeguard App v3

Additional Options for Extending the Timer

Sometimes, we could all use just a little bit more time. That’s why Lifeguard App v3 gives users more control over how much time they need before the alarm sounds, with the option to add an additional 1, 3, or 5 minutes to the active timer.

Lifeguard App v3

Critical User Details for Emergency Services

In overdose situations, every second counts – and the more information emergency services has, the better chance there is of saving a life. In Lifeguard App v3, the alarm screen now shows the name of the user, as well as the drug they have potentially overdosed on.
Stop Button on Lifeguard App

Lifeguard App

Version History & Changelog

Version 3.0
  • Enhanced connections to services on a localized basis! These now include access to naloxone, needle exchange, recovery programs and supervised injection sites. These are all populated based on the user’s location at the time of searching.
  • App now available in Punjabi
Version 2.0
  • Overdose timer extensions
  • Increased connections to services (811 and suicide prevention)
  • Push notifications for drug alerts
  • App now available in French
Version 1.0
  • Overdose response timer
  • Connection to Emergency Services & Crisis Line

One Step Closer to Reversing the Opioid Crisis

Lifeguard App has received the enthusiastic approval of both the drug users and first responders, and was directly acknowledged to prevent multiple overdose/toxicity events. No other product promises to quickly, effectively, and inexpensively revolutionize the approach to controlling and reversing the opioid crisis. evan’s solution is ready-for-deployment to emergency health services anywhere in the world. It is equally well suited for use in rural/remote communities without any realistic access to EMS.

evan’s patent-pending technology solution can be configured so that overdose alerts can reach community first-responders or volunteers.

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Partnered with Microsoft

Developing Lifeguard App & VERS

The Virtual Emergency Response System (VERS) on the evan platform, is a complete system to keep people safer in low barrier housing with WIFI-enabled tablets, connected to a responder panel at the front desk of the various living units.

Lifeguard App and VERS is designed for use by high risk groups living in controlled environments such as social or temporary housing, and is currently installed at various sites throughout BC. The app is accessed hundreds of times daily by clients and we have documented 9 lives saved in the first 60 days of piloting. VERS functions as a digital harm reduction tool that allows people who use drugs to consume more safely — the intent is to reduce harm and save lives.

With permission and control by the person who is using drugs, in the event of an emergency, the application simultaneously alerts the in-house responder panel at a front desk and Emergency Responder dispatch services. At this point trained personnel can intervene with an antagonist such as Naloxone and can often revive people in the early stage of a toxicity event and then can accept or decline assistance from emergency service providers.

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Lifeguard App has been developed in cooperation with British Columbia Emergency Health Services, a world leader in emergency response operating at the heart of the opioid crisis. It has been extensively tested over a two-year period, in real world trials involving real people, using real drugs, in their own environments.