Participant Feedback


Survey Results

We had a sample selection of app users participate in an informal survey, asking them a series of questions relating to their experiences with Lifeguard App.
The data that has been collected is displayed here, with the total percentage of respondents who answered ‘Yes’ for each question.
Is the privacy option acceptable?0%
Is it okay to add your name?0%
Is the nickname option okay?0%
Would you use the emergency contact?0%
Did you save name and emergency contact every time?0%
Are you comfortable entering your location?0%
Is the location page collecting enough and correct info?0%
Is the wording in the app clear?0%
Should we add an option to alert family/friends?0%
Are the drug names understandable?0%
Are drug names missing?0%
Do you know what drugs are opioids?0%
Would you use right now recovery button?0%
Do you have any concerns about the recovery button?0%
Is the timer length acceptable?0%
Are you fine with choosing the route of administration?0%
Is the alarm loud enough?0%
Should we add anything else to the alarm?0%
Do you own a smartphone?0%
Do you have data or wifi access?0%
Do you have any barriers to using the app?0%
Should we change the app icon on the home screen?0%
Would you recommend this app to others?0%

User Feedback

The overall tone of the feedback provided was very positive. In general, users liked the simplicity of the app and the comfort it provided them as a life-saving mechanism.

It Helps Me be More Self-Aware

Lifeguard App is really good, and it would help people. I feel better when using the app. Doing drugs is dangerous, and before, I would do them in the hallway where people could see. It also made me more aware of how often I am using and I started to think about recovery.

This is a Great Idea

I work in a safe injection site, so I know first-hand how difficult it is to wake someone who is nodding off.

I Feel Safer

Lifeguard App about three or four times per day and it really does help me feel much safer.