Lifeguard Digital Health Product Package

A Digital Health Company

That’s Creating Life-Saving Apps and Assisting with Safer Living

Our goal is to reduce harm and prevent unintentional deaths for people of all ages. Our team has pioneered apps that were developed in response to the opioid crisis, which is now a world-wide problem, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic and health & safety concerns in senior care centers.

We are on the leading edge of research, development, clinical trials, and implementation of digital solutions that are aimed at harm reduction for various public health challenges.

Our Story
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Lifesaving Solutions Found on the evan Platform

Utilizing permissioned blockchain technology, the evan platform is designed with the active participation of users, support groups, volunteers, as well as emergency services.
The evan Blockchain
Lifeguard App Timer for Opioids, Display

What Would You Do If Your Friend

Died of Opioid Toxicity or Poisoning?

Most of us would mourn — a bright young life ended too soon. But if you’re Jeff Hardy, the founder of Lifeguard Digital Health and Informatics, you would take action and find a way to prevent senseless opioid deaths and create a company to honour the name of the young man you knew who met this fate: Evan.

This is a Public Health Crisis:

Every 2 Hours

A Canadian loses their life to opioid-related toxicity.

130 People

Lose their lives to opioid toxicity in the USA daily.

94% Accidental

94% of opioid-related deaths were deemed accidental.

Watch the Lifeguard App Quickstart Guide

Lifeguard App is a life-saving app designed to combat the opioid epidemic. This video is a quick and easy tutorial on how to use Lifeguard App on your mobile device. Using Lifeguard App should always be your last option. Over 90% of all overdoses occur when users are alone, in their own spaces – We encourage you to use in a safe place, and with a friend or family member close by.

We Develop & Deploy Solutions on the evan Platform

We develop smart solutions that pave the way in Digital Health and Harm Reduction.

Top-Level Security

Fortifies security of user data communication.


Complies with top standards of privacy legislation.

A Culture of Care

Working towards ensuring a continuum of care.

User Engagement

Engages the community's lived experiences.


Uses geo-spatial technology to extend reach.


Informs with real-time analytics and data.

Smart Informatics

We're building smart health informatics solutions.


Contributing to an overall public health strategy.