Our Story

Meet Jeff Hardy

Founder & CEO

In 2017, Jeff Hardy faced his own battle with alcohol addiction, coinciding tragically with the loss of his friend Evan to a fentanyl overdose. This profound loss ignited Jeff’s determination to confront the opioid crisis and prevent further tragedies.

Drawing from one of Jeff’s favorite movies, where a quote resonated deeply, “There’s the idea, an app to save yourself from yourself”, Jeff embarked on a mission to create impactful solutions. Thus, Lifeguard Digital Health was born. The company’s products, LifeguardLite and LifeguardConnect, stand as a testament to Jeff’s vision, offering innovative tools and support networks to combat addiction and safeguard against the loss of loved ones like Evan.

The Idea He Couldn’t Let Go

The journey to creating these products started from mere sketches on napkins and became a tangible product with the help of a developer sourced through an internet search. Funding from friends and family facilitated the transformation of his vision into LifeguardConnect™, a life-saving mobile application available on both iOS and Android platforms. Through real-life trials and beta tests, Jeff validated the effectiveness of his solutions, with an overwhelming 99% endorsement from users and first responders.

A Passion That’s

Fueled By Empathy

Jeff’s passion is fueled by his compassion for those who suffer from addiction. His boots-on-the-ground approach to Lifeguard’s clients is what sets him apart. He meets face-to-face with the app’s users and hears first-hand about their experiences and how the app has made a difference in their lives. This compassion, and Jeff’s years of business experience, attracted top talent to help him implement his vision for the company. In Jeff’s own words,

“If our platform can save one life and by doing so, provide a chance at recovery, Lifeguard will help reverse the opioid crisis.” The Lifeguard App has documented at least a dozen lives saved thus far.

Jeff’s passion, experience, and talent attracted a team of people as passionate as he is about saving lives and trying to keep people safer. Now, the evan platform has an international patent pending and is poised to scale-up across North America and then the world. The team is hard at work improving the digital platform and developing other products that will keep people safer in a myriad of situations.

Our Core Values

Our company values are influenced by Evan.