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Jeff on Lifeguard App

Meet Jeff Hardy


Jeff’s story is important – because of Jeff – there is evan Digital Health and Informatics; the evan Platform and Lifeguard App. Jeff thanks God everyday and is the first person to remind us that he is just one member of the team, that together we have created this life-saving application. That’s true, but it was his faith, energy and motivation that brought us together and that keeps us focused on our goal to keep people safe.

While in treatment in 2017, recovering from his own addiction to alcohol, Jeff Hardy lost his young, vibrant friend, Evan, when he died from fentanyl toxicity. Jeff felt inspired to find a solution to the opioid crisis so that good people, like his friend, could live to discover a lifetime of possibilities. Remembering a quote from one of his favourite movies,

There’s the idea, an app to save yourself from yourself…

An Idea That He Couldn’t Let Go

Jeff’s business background and entrepreneurial spirit led him to start wondering what could be done to keep people safe. An idea started growing that he just couldn’t let go. After a few months of content and diagrams, mostly on napkins, he found a developer. An internet search led him to the right software development company. Borrowing funds from friends and family allowed the idea to transform from dream, to-design, then to a working product.

The result is Lifeguard Apps on the evan platform – a lifesaving smartphone and tablet-based app supported by a digital platform, which is available on both iOS and Android. Today Jeff has proven that these solutions work via real life beta tests and trials that have saved actual lives. And 99% of participants (users, and front-line first responders) have said they would recommend Lifeguard App to their colleagues and friends.

A Passion That’s

Fueled By Empathy

Jeff’s passion is fueled by his compassion for those who suffer from addiction. His boots-on-the-ground approach to Lifeguard’s clients is what sets him apart. He meets face-to-face with the app’s users and hears first-hand about their experiences and how the app has made a difference in their lives. This compassion, and Jeff’s years of business experience, attracted top talent to help him implement his vision for the company. In Jeff’s own words,

“If our platform can save one life and by doing so, provide a chance at recovery, Lifeguard will help reverse the opioid crisis.” The Lifeguard App has documented at least a dozen lives saved thus far.

Jeff’s passion, experience, and talent attracted a team of people as passionate as he is about saving lives and trying to keep people safer. Now, the evan platform has an international patent pending and is poised to scale-up across North America and then the world. The team is hard at work improving the digital platform and developing other products that will keep people safer in a myriad of situations.

Jeff with Lifeguard App Users, Powered by Evan

Our Core Values

Our company values are influenced by the values of a young man named Evan.