The Lifeguard Intelicare Platform

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Platform for Residential Home Care

As adults, we like to make our own decisions. That desire for autonomy doesn’t end when we are in any kind of home care or when we require special help. Our non-invasive wearable technology will monitor vital signs and can detect unusual occurrences such as falls or irregular breathing that will signal an alert for an assistance. Two hardware solutions are implemented and customized to the residential facility and their residents who are monitored by a staff-monitored control panel.

Key features of the platform include:

Resident Tracking via GPS

Voice Distress Recognition

Speakerphone for Voice Calls

Access to Emergency Numbers

Resident Name & Room Number

Current Date & Time

Key Contact Information

Live Physical Vitals

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A Fully-Integrated Emergency Response Dashboard

The Lifeguard Intelicare emergency response control panel is a fully-integrated dashboard that monitors both the room tablet and the mobile wearable to give staff situational awareness of all rooms fit with the monitoring equipment. Staff are able to remotely make contact with residents when required and respond when required in a timely manner.

24/7 Monitoring

Via Tablet & Wearable

Remote Contact

Via 1-1 Speakerphone

Emergency Response

Connected to Staff & EMS

Live Room Data

Via Status Monitoring

Partnered with Microsoft

Helping to Keep Loved Ones Safe

In partnership with Microsoft, Intelicare can be tailored for the benefit of senior residents living in residential care housing. By adapting and tailoring their technology to the specific needs of this care sector, Lifeguard has developed an assistance tool with a holistic approach to ensuring safety and independence for residents in their communities.

With the support of Microsoft, rapid prototyping of the digital solution on the Azure Cloud platform was possible. Lifeguard Digital Health was already working with emergency services in BC, with a proven life-saving digital solution to the opioid crisis.

Lifeguard and Microsoft partnered in 2019 to scale up Lifeguard’s pioneering opioid crisis related application along with a suite of other digital solutions aimed at supporting government-supported social housing, home care facilities and dementia care.

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