The Lifeguard C-19 App

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Introducing Lifeguard C-19

Pandemic Emergency Support

The Lifeguard C-19 app was developed rapidly to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps to effectively manage helplines to relieve the pressure from public health and emergency services. Users can reach the correct helplines, self-report their symptoms, get guidance, and track self-isolation periods. It enables public health authorities to track the progress of the virus, and to support appropriate responses so as to prevent clustering and spread of the virus as public traverses geo-locations, within and outside any country.

Current features of the app include:

Access to Emergency Numbers

Access to Public Health Numbers

Symptom Self-Assessment

Isolation Time Tracker

Up-to-Date COVID-19 Information

Push Notifications from the CDC

Prevention Information

Travel Information & Advisories

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A Fully-Integrated Live Analytics Dashboard

Lifeguard C-19 is unique compared to its competitors in its ability to enhance the data captured by the app’s tracking capabilities — completing guided symptom checks on users, and tracking for isolation and travel compliance along with other important data. Through its tracking capabilities, The Lifeguard C-19 app supports public health emergency services with contact tracing and real-time visualisations using heat maps.

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Partnered with Microsoft

Helping to Keep the Public Safe

In partnership with Microsoft, the Lifeguard C-19 app will relieve the pressure on emergency services, while delivering up-to-date, validated information to the public. It enables users to reach the correct helpline or emergency centre, self-report their symptoms, track their isolation period and get real-time information — Relieving the pressure on governments and health authorities.

With the support of Microsoft, rapid prototyping of the digital solution on the Azure Cloud platform was possible. Lifeguard Digital Health was already working with emergency services in BC, with a proven life-saving digital solution to the opioid crisis.

Lifeguard and Microsoft partnered in 2019 to scale up Lifeguard’s pioneering opioid crisis related application along with a suite of other digital solutions aimed at supporting government-supported social housing, senior care facilities and dementia care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it do?

The app informs the public with the touch of a button, and diverts emergency calls to appropriate helplines in Canada, based on need. It also offers validated real-time information available via CDC.

How will it help healthcare systems?

Patients are able to self-triage using the app, therefore reducing panic and phone calls to emergency and other health lines.

What Information is available via the app to the public?

Real-time validated information available via CDC and health departments in any country, as well as location specific information (eg. shut down status, travel information) in real time.

How will the app be made available?

Through Microsoft data centres in every country.

What devices and platforms will it be available on?

iOS and Android platforms via cell phones.

What data will be collected?

Anonymized data will be collected to understand trends per location in order to track and monitor the outbreak of the Corona virus.– No personal identifiable information will be collected (i.e name, DOB, PHN.)

Where is the app hosted?

On the Microsoft Azure Platform and supported by Microsoft Servers.