Lifeguard Canada powers Bless Homes India with Technology innovation

Lifeguard Canada powers Bless Homes India with Technology innovation

Lifeguard Digital Health has announced their collaboration with Bless Homes India, a premium senior living facility, to launch their IntelicareTM, solutions in India.

Lifeguard Digital Health Inc. are sponsors for the International Conclave of Healthy Ageing, Kerala, India from April 21st – 23rd, and participating in two panels.

Vancouver, British Columbia (April 17, 2023) — Lifeguard Digital Health Inc., announced its collaboration with Bless Homes India, to bring enhanced safety and freedom of movement to seniors in assisted living facilities, with their innovative technology suite – IntelicareTM.

Bless Homes India is a premium senior living residence that offers the best possible living conditions to senior residents, in their facility based in southern India. Their programs encourage and support an active, dignified and energizing community living experience for seniors in their golden years through their well-resourced facility. To continue their commitment to redefining the concept of retirement living in India, Bless has initiated and is hosting the International Conclave of Healthy Ageing in Kerala, India from April 21st to 23rd, 2023, which will welcome over 1,000 participants per day, including UN dignitaries, government, academia, startups, businesses, experts and international visitors.

Lifeguard Digital Health Inc. are proud to sponsor the Conclave and Bless has invited the Founder and CEO, Jeff Hardy, and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Chandana Unnithan to share their expertise and insights. Simultaneously, Lifeguard Digital Health team will launch and start the installation of IntelicareTM, in the Bless retirement living facility, based in Kerala, India.

“Partnering with Bless Homes is the next big milestone for us at Lifeguard, as we launch in India. I am thrilled by the work our team has accomplished to develop IntelicareTM, allowing greater freedom and added safety measures for senior citizens at Bless Retirement Living,” said Jeff Hardy, Founder and CEO, of Lifeguard Digital Health. “IntelicareTM incorporates non-invasive wearable technologies that monitor vital signs and can detect unusual occurrences such as falls or irregular breathing that will signal an alert for assistance. In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence, which is why Lifeguard technology is designed to alert whoever can react the fastest, reducing response times and saving lives,” Hardy added.

“Through Lifeguard Digital Health’s partnership with Bless Homes in India, we hope to add significant value to the golden years of seniors by optimizing the capacity of staff at the facility, enabling them to render quality care, assisted by Lifeguard’s IntelicareTM leading technology innovations. It is an honor to share insights with global participants to further discussions focused on the UN Declaration on healthy aging 2030. Both the conclave and our launch of IntelicareTM at Bless – are the first of their kind in India within senior care. Lifeguard Digital

Health is excited to be part of these pivotal moments”, said Dr. Chandana Unnithan, Chief Scientific Officer at Lifeguard Digital Health.

Jeff Hardy will join the panel discussion: ‘StartupTechnology Initiatives for Senior Care’ on April 22nd to speak about Lifeguard’s solution for senior care, IntelicareTM. Dr. Chandana Unnithan will be speaking in the panel: ‘Role of Technology in Geriatric Care’, highlighting the technological innovations of Lifeguard IntelicareTM.

The Conclave will demonstrate the features and benefits of IntelicareTM during the event. To learn more about this innovative solution from Lifeguard Digital Health, please visit: https://lifeguarddh.com/products/lifeguard-intelicare/

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