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2020 Christmas Fundraiser Gift Box

Let’s Help Make this Winter

A Little Easier for the Homeless.

There is no denying that all of us have been impacted this year by the pandemic, with harsher difficulties for the homeless and less fortunate as a result of reduced support and services available to them. To make this Holiday a little brighter and put a smile on a special face, Lifeguard is going to give back to these people by raising funds to provide a Lifeguard Gift Pack filled with necessary items.

Each Lifeguard Gift Pack Includes:

A Piece of Winter Outerwear

Gloves & Warm Socks

Personal Hygiene Kit (10 Pieces)

Hand/Foot Warmers

Holiday Card/Letter

Lifeguard App Information Card

Help Spread the Holiday Joy to Those Who Need it Most.

Lifeguard has started this campaign off with a $2,500 donation — 100 Gift Packs! This leaves 900 more Gift Packs to fill and we know we can raise the remainder with the help of your generous donation. If you, or someone you know, can give $25 (1 Gift Pack) / $50 (2 Gift Packs) or more, your gift will help each recipient experience a little joy this Holiday Season.
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