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Passion for combatting the opioid crisis attracted a world-class team of experts. Our team is made up of public health advisors, scientists, technologists, informaticians, doctors, software developers, government agents, and entrepreneurs who have worked hard to make the digital solution to opioid crises available to everyone to save lives. But none of this would have happened without the passion of our visionary founder/entrepreneur: Jeff Hardy.

Jeff himself is in recovery and has true understanding and compassion for those at risk of losing their lives to drugs and alcohol. His purpose in conceiving Lifeguard App is to save lives, thereby allowing a chance at treatment.

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Jeff Hardy, Founder

Jeff Hardy, Founder

Chief Executive Officer
Fern Portrait

Fern Hardy

Chief Administrative Officer
Chandana Portrait

Chandana Unnithan,

Ph.D., MBus. Computing, MBA

Chief Scientific Officer

Our Advisors

Frank Holler

Business Advisor

Neil Lilley

Government Advisor

Dr. Victoria Lemieux

Global Advisor Privacy and Security

Our Marketing & Sales Team

Madeleine Hardin

Executive Director of Community Relations

Jamie Sinclair

Client Relations Manager

Jack Campbell

Business Development Manager

Travis Lupick

Business/Sales (Western USA)

Michele Perez

Business/Sales (Eastern USA)

Our Admin Team

Patricia Chocol

Office Manager

Bryn Hardy

Admin Assistant

Our Finance Team

Ambrose Hong


Chadash Black

Finance Manager

Our Tech Team

Alex McGovern

Director of Technology & Development

Kevin Belobaba

IT Help Desk Technician

Saran Siripuekpong

Senior Mobile App Developer Android

Sharvari Divekar

Senior Mobile App Developer iOS

Sophia Pelka

UI/UX Designer

Paul Atwal

Business Analyst

Peter Tran

Mobile App Developer Android

Duc Dang

Mobile App Developer iOS

Our Research & Development Team

Meng Kang

Research Engineer

Roberta Bukowski

Data Scientist

Alex McGovern

Director of Research & Development

Siddiqui A. Hakim

Research Engineer

Carissa Ruscheinsky

Research Engineer

Justin Tsang

Research Engineer

Aidan McKenzie

Research Coordinator